Nature Day

The day consisted of a beautiful morning in which I was reminiscing about how I really want to create a compost pile. I just think how awesome to be able to throw old banana peels and other such things in it to create some really great dirt.

Okay I understand that anyone who would happen to read this most likely won’t care about that at all. But if one thinks it is also pretty cool. Let me know. Give some tips. I’m not kidding, I’m putting this on my bucket list and it will happen someday. Someday.

The second part of the nature experience today brought was seeing my little squirrel friend. I absolutely love the black squirrels on campus. Coincidentally though, I had a dream in which they were attacking me. Interesting? I thought so too.


The last nature experience of the day was while roller-blading by the river. And to our great pleasure there were some geese with their babies in tow. It was enjoyable to see the  cute little creatures of  the town.



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