The Belgian Itinerary

First off, I guess I haven’t written a post in a while, but I really feel giving just a synopsis of my trips seems super lame, and I just want to be super witty for ya’ll. But synopsis is where we’re going.

So whatever, here is my Belgium trip.

In case you don’t know, my dad’s side of the family is 100% Belgian and that makes me feel super cool. Things I like to tell people like it’s something super interesting and they’re pretty much like yeah whatever, is that I am a fifth generation Belgian gal, and also that I have looked it up and Mertens is like the 5th most popular name there.
So yeah, super cool, it’s like I’m royalty yeah? Yeah no Sara, sit down.

Our adventure begins with two gals frantically running through the streets of London because one of them was a too idiotic to have put in the coordinates given into Maps. Yeah the idiot was me. I’m really good at traveling. I didn’t even almost miss the plane that was gonna bring me to London.

Annywho, so we took this bus to Belgium which was so less ratchet on the way there than on the way back. But don’t even stop me from any of you taking the bus because it is truly a magical experience. (If you have taken the bus, and know the greatness of this adventure to others that haven’t had the pleasure yet.) So zoom zoom huzzah we get to Belgium.

Like very dead. Like ‘Everyone died in a Zombie Apocalypse dead.’

So we wandered around in the drizzle to our little hostel to drop our bags. In the process of reassuring the guy at the front desk that were checking in later, we found that there was curiously no room checked for us. Ah DRAT! Now what were these poor girls going to do?
“But wait! Young beauties, for I have one room left!” the concierge called out.
Oh gosh me oh my, and then all the animals started talking and there was a happy end.
In reality the rooms just weren’t all booked up, and we got to check-in early and take a nap.

Cool nap out of the way.

Now we can do some Belgiumy things. Like:

  • Eat a Belgian Waffle
  • Try some Belgian Beers, and Fries that had this strange dipping sauce, really good I might add, that we had to ask what it was because it was this crazy stuff called MAYONNAISE.
  • Probably took another nap
  • Got ready with some new Belgian clothes.
  • Went out and ate literally the best dish of food I will ever eat in my life.
  • Went to find drinks.
  • Found some girls from New Orleans.
  • Drank some drinks and Bam.

Ze next day we go to Namur. Super pumped. Homies I’m coming for ya.

Namur is so pretty, I really liked it. We got some hiking in while we walked to the top of a castle. We also found a cute little carnival. Everything was pretty. We ended with sitting for drinks outside at this place that had a piano player playing. And then we decided to go back to Brussels to eat the same meal we had before.

And that’s where the tale ends, because the bus ride back was just too awesome an experience to share.

The end.


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