Foon Hawk #SomethingLikeVanGogh

Last weekend I went from London to Berlin. Something really exciting about this is that I can do it all over again when I get back to Wisconsin. Except I’ll get to go from NEW London to Berlin. Not sure if that will really have the same effect. Imma just say no right now and shut that idea down.

The best part of Berlin was most definitely the transport there and back because there’s nothing like waking up at good ‘ol 3am. Yeah there were quite a few 30 minute naps along the way. When we got there, I knew the minute I got off the plane that I liked this place. Twenty-seconds off the plane, I got real giddy and was like “I feel like I’m home.” Don’t know why, Berlin really isn’t like Wisconsin. Nothing was really out of the ordinary, I just found myself having a mad crush on Berlin. We went to see the Wall, which had so much amazing art work on it, and then we ate at Pirates Berlin by the water. The weather was beautiful and maybe that’s why I was liking it so much, but I just don’t think that was all of it.

Our night time adventures consisted of a pub crawl. We didn’t really know what to expect or really how to get there, but gosh darnit we were punctual. First ones there, can I get a Holla?!? No? All right.
On our pub crawl we met some really cool girls. Two were sisters from Brazil and two were sisters from Ireland. Okay come on Corey, where were you? I’m glad we found them because it was definitely more fun being around good people. The music at the pubs where we went were a bit odd in the sense that they were playing music that brought a question mark to mind when thinking about how to dance to it. So all around it was a good night.

Sunday we went on a walking tour with a lovely Australian tour guide named Lucy. For me that was the best part of the day, probably because I ended up sleeping for the rest of it. But yeah, there was a lot of good information and spots we went to see, and I also went a bit souvenir crazy, pretty much getting one of everything because I freaking love Berlin!

Yeah I slept the rest of the day. I might be a sloth. Zzzzzz…..

But all was well because come 3AM and up we were to get back to the airport and come home! WOOHOO.

All right. The end. It’s Friday, and I’m leaving for Barcelona in 20 minutes.

C ya.



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