London Thoughts

Currently at work. Listening to Alicia Keys.

I have completed my projects for the summer by probably 85-90%. There's only 20 minutes left, and I am as they say here blocked. As in I don't know how much more I can do until I have some feedback, critique, and editing on my digital piece.

So for the last 20 minutes I guess I am just reflecting on my experience here in London. I can't believe I am further than the half way point, I can't believe that I have only two more weekends over here and I'm not even spending them in London because we're going to Germany and then Spain after that. I can't see going out any other way.

This trip has been a roller coaster. Like literally at one point we were riding roller coasters. I did not think it was possible to do so much in one summer. It is the most crazy fast paced life ever. It's a bit exhausting but it is so amazing. When I get back it's going to just be a magical dream in my memory. ~ You think that it was an adjustment coming here? No. I think the real adjustment is going to be going back.

There are so many crazy things this life has to offer, and this trip has kind of taught me that you just got to go for them. It may be scary to take that leap of faith, but it is so necessary for you to grow. And I don't think anyone wants to get to the end of their life and feel like they just allowed themselves to get stuck in a rut.

You have one life to live. Write your own story. And few more cliches, but for real.

from london


What makes you feel better when you’re down?

Hi everyone,

I’m not having the greatest time and I was just wondering what makes you all feel better when you are down.

I thought I would share a few things that make me feel better too.

  • Watching Shrek
  • Having a picture of Ed Sheeran on the wall
  • Talking to my dad

Let me know what you guys think.

Missing Home

I guess it’s getting to that point now. If I was at school this would definitely be the longest I would go before going home. 

I get to travel to all these really cool places but I would love a weekend back home right about now. I just want to sit outside in my secluded yard and read. I want to hug my dad. I need my guy friends in my life. I want to listen to some country music with friends and sit around the fire. I want to drink coffee and wine with my girlfriends. I want family time with all the matriarchs of the fam. Tractor pulls would be nice. Ice cream and cheese curds with the bestie. 

Put all that in a bottle and send it to me because it’s just what I need. 

I love the people in my life.

The Belgian Itinerary

First off, I guess I haven’t written a post in a while, but I really feel giving just a synopsis of my trips seems super lame, and I just want to be super witty for ya’ll. But synopsis is where we’re going.

So whatever, here is my Belgium trip.

In case you don’t know, my dad’s side of the family is 100% Belgian and that makes me feel super cool. Things I like to tell people like it’s something super interesting and they’re pretty much like yeah whatever, is that I am a fifth generation Belgian gal, and also that I have looked it up and Mertens is like the 5th most popular name there.
So yeah, super cool, it’s like I’m royalty yeah? Yeah no Sara, sit down.

Our adventure begins with two gals frantically running through the streets of London because one of them was a too idiotic to have put in the coordinates given into Maps. Yeah the idiot was me. I’m really good at traveling. I didn’t even almost miss the plane that was gonna bring me to London.

Annywho, so we took this bus to Belgium which was so less ratchet on the way there than on the way back. But don’t even stop me from any of you taking the bus because it is truly a magical experience. (If you have taken the bus, and know the greatness of this adventure to others that haven’t had the pleasure yet.) So zoom zoom huzzah we get to Belgium.

Like very dead. Like ‘Everyone died in a Zombie Apocalypse dead.’

So we wandered around in the drizzle to our little hostel to drop our bags. In the process of reassuring the guy at the front desk that were checking in later, we found that there was curiously no room checked for us. Ah DRAT! Now what were these poor girls going to do?
“But wait! Young beauties, for I have one room left!” the concierge called out.
Oh gosh me oh my, and then all the animals started talking and there was a happy end.
In reality the rooms just weren’t all booked up, and we got to check-in early and take a nap.

Cool nap out of the way.

Now we can do some Belgiumy things. Like:

  • Eat a Belgian Waffle
  • Try some Belgian Beers, and Fries that had this strange dipping sauce, really good I might add, that we had to ask what it was because it was this crazy stuff called MAYONNAISE.
  • Probably took another nap
  • Got ready with some new Belgian clothes.
  • Went out and ate literally the best dish of food I will ever eat in my life.
  • Went to find drinks.
  • Found some girls from New Orleans.
  • Drank some drinks and Bam.

Ze next day we go to Namur. Super pumped. Homies I’m coming for ya.

Namur is so pretty, I really liked it. We got some hiking in while we walked to the top of a castle. We also found a cute little carnival. Everything was pretty. We ended with sitting for drinks outside at this place that had a piano player playing. And then we decided to go back to Brussels to eat the same meal we had before.

And that’s where the tale ends, because the bus ride back was just too awesome an experience to share.

The end.

I AMsterdam? yeah?

Hallo! From the Netherlands!

Okay guys. Travel travel travel, walk out and see the canal and buildings mind is being blown up with holy shit, this is pretty fucking cool. (excuse my language grandma…)
If I was a great writer and could describe things in a coherent way I would, but we all know that is just way too far off base for me, so y’all can just sit and listen to my great incoherent babble. K cool 🙂

#1 Bikes have the right away, also there are trams that are just all over the place. IT’s nUTs!!
#1.a Maybe it’s just me because I haven’t ridden a bike in so long, but riding a bike there was a mix between “wow, how crazy cool do I feel right now” to “my life may also end today” Overdramatic? Yes. But is it true? Also yes.

#2 Hostel Review:
This little darling of a place looked pretty sketch from the outside.. Like Hi this is a back alley way where you could potentially be murdered. But nah it was pretty cool. I mean the stairs would definitely probably up the mortality rate if it was an old folks home, but for us youngins, we made it all right. Plus we were paired with some really cool hostel mates. (insert a cool emoji I can’t make cuz I am on my computer).

#3 Saturday Overview
Saturday was For The Girls #FightMeDavid 🙂
It was all sorts of becoming old and wise because we were young and crazy stuff. We took a mini -idk do we call it a booze cruise- I mean it sounds cooler. We took an hour canal tour and drank a bottle of wine on it. Very cool peeps. The sights were sighty. Yada yada yada, some events I’m a bit fuzzy about, BUT! The finale of the night was literally going out with our newly befriended hostel mates and we ended up going to the most stellar night club, I think I may ever go to in my life. Again little fuzzy on the bits and pieces. But nah, mind-blowingly cool.

#4 Sunday Funday
MUCH more chill. Making parents everywhere much less stressed. This is when we road bikes getting in some cardio. Then there was the Anne Frank Huis. Very interesting piece of history, well worth the wait. Just one of those things you gotta go to when you’re there. So yeah, we walked through the Red Light District, also very interesting sights. Gals if you want to drop out to make that money, you know where to go. Kidding. (but nah really).

And yeah, that was the jist of my trip. Glad to share it with ya lovelies.
Peace out
(And p.s. I’m booked for Belgium!)


I said most likely about the fake money post. But it is not going to happen.

Instead, I’m just going to say that the first weekend I was here, I was a victim and I say victim of wait for it… A FAKE POUND.

That is all.

London Through American Eyes

Hello guys!
Week 1 is finally coming to a close, so I thought I would lay out some observations.

Numero Uno. The weather is not guaranteed, but I think we all knew that. BUT. Let me tell you when it’s sunny it is really sunny. And I mean this in the way that when the sun is out, it sometimes feels like I am walking into the light. The most blinding light ever. Also I feel a little estranged from the sun because I feel like it’s further away from the earth than Wisco. Weird observation but it’s there.

Numero dos. Scooters are cool shit here. Like plain and simple they are “in”. The youngins use them, the midis use them, and even some of the oldies.

Numero tres. Oh my gosh, the best one!! The pups are everywhere! And they aren’t even on leashes! Like whaaaat?! That makes them so much cooler. It’s like hey I’m just hanging out with my pup, but I don’t need to put him on a leash because we’re mates yo.

I don’t know, it’s pretty cool and kids are just have the most awesome personalities.

Okay see yas!
peace 🙂

Packing For the Summer

What. A. Nightmare.

How are we supposed to pack for an entire summer in the same suitcase that we use to go to Florida for a week?! Seriously. The females of the world should be allowed a greater weight-limit on their checked baggage right?

Well, that just isn’t the way the world turns my friends. Nope. So when you start to try and pack it can be somewhat of a crazy tornado. As you can see in the picture I haveIMG_4785 so kindly provided you below. Figuring this out was madness. Plus there is the whole “I can’t put this in my suitcase now because I might need it before I leave!!” So really nothing could be permanently packed until the day before.

With that I also ended up labeling in my check list exactly where every item I packed went because I know the whole “I know I packed it but where did I put it?” schpeel.

I tried to, as they say, pack light. But really what is packing light? I feel embarrassed to even say how much I brought. Possibly too much and possibly too little, the world may never know. It is too late to really change it now as I am three hours from home and leaving in an hour to head to the airport. So I just got to trust I brought what I needed and if I missed something that I will be able to buy it there.

see ya in london ❤