This is what life’s about

Today was a day full of “what really matters” themes. If you read my previous post, there was just a lot of frustration the morning brought. By the end of the day I was just hungry and exhausted. (And let me tell ya I didn’t choose the best dinner later either).

There are just a few days left and then school is just going to be over, so today when I got home I really just wanted to relax. The entire day was making me feel as though I needed meditation in my life, but my mind is just going a billion miles a minute so meditation is not quite very efficient.

Okay so HERE is where the magic starts.

To relax I go for a walk because let me tell you that after day after day of just being inside buildings all the time, a walk is much needed. My mind starts to go blank and I just take in all the beautiful nature and trees and pretty homes. There air smells fresh; I can smell the wood and the grass and the florals and leaves. My senses are beyond thrilled. And then I get downtown and I get to the river and it’s just breath taking. It’s calming, and peaceful, and beautiful. I just take it in as the sun sets on the water.

I go to walk home and as I’m coming back from downtown, there is this little Mamma duck followed by her 13 babies just walking in the road. A woman gets out of her car, and I watch her usher the ducks to the corner. So I’m thinking ok the ducks are safe now, but they


These are the ducks on the way to the river.

have a bunch of streets to cross to get back to the river! So here I am just wondering if I should follow the ducks or not, but the thought of how busy one the roads were goes through my mind. So yes, I followed them. I kept my distance, but was sure to be close enough so that people could see me walking and would steer clear.

Aw it took maybe a half an hour for them to get to the river with all the baby ducks just waddling their little tails. I even tried to help a little guy get up on the side walk by putting my shoe in front of him for a stepping stool. But the little bugger had it. Aw it was so special, and watching the Mamma duck wait for the babies when they couldn’t get on the side walk was just heart-warming. Ugh it was wonderful.


Nature Day

The day consisted of a beautiful morning in which I was reminiscing about how I really want to create a compost pile. I just think how awesome to be able to throw old banana peels and other such things in it to create some really great dirt.

Okay I understand that anyone who would happen to read this most likely won’t care about that at all. But if one thinks it is also pretty cool. Let me know. Give some tips. I’m not kidding, I’m putting this on my bucket list and it will happen someday. Someday.

The second part of the nature experience today brought was seeing my little squirrel friend. I absolutely love the black squirrels on campus. Coincidentally though, I had a dream in which they were attacking me. Interesting? I thought so too.


The last nature experience of the day was while roller-blading by the river. And to our great pleasure there were some geese with their babies in tow. It was enjoyable to see the  cute little creatures of  the town.